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Jaime Dill


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Every story idea starts as a seed, but grows wild and different from the rest. Knowing what to prune and how to water a story into a book can be tricky! 

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  • What's your editorial philosophy?
    I believe an editorial partnership should be grounded in collaboration and advocacy. My worldview and opinions are not the creative work on the table. The work is solely the author's. Though there's no way I can squeeze myself into someone's brain to fully know the story with the same depth, I believe it is my job to listen as closely as possible in hopes that I can adopt enough of the author's knowledge and creativity to see what they see and blend my professional perspective into the picture. Having both traditional publishing and self-publishing experience, I work with a lot of flexibility, pushing industry expectations on those who ask for it, and chucking it out the window for those who want to follow their own path. I like to think of my experience as a filing cabinet. I wait to hear what the author is looking for, then I pull out the right tools and advice for that specific project. As such, my process involves a lot of communication. I've found over time and through stories with writers and editorial peers that most poor editorial experiences occur when people work on assumptions or fail to discuss confusion. You best believe I am going to check in with your feelings constantly and ask if there's anything I can do to adjust because the best editing happens when we go from awkward strangers to trusted friends who aren't afraid of the give and take of honesty. And often that includes making a safe space to vent about life outside of writing too, since stress impacts writing and can be so painful to carry alone. I get it, all too well. I want to support whole people, not just pages.
  • What services do you offer?
    My dual-focused experience in small press publishing and self-publishing equips me with a skill set that stretches from story conception, all the way to book release and the marketing that follows after. I'm also a bit of an artist, so I sometimes toss that into the mix (though I do not take art commissions). Services I have previously provided or am currently providing include: - Book Coaching (for first drafts and rewrites) - Author Marketing Coaching (for book promo and platform) - Query Coaching - Developmental Editing (for poetry, short fiction & long fiction) - Line/copy Editing (for multiple forms) - Proofreading - Formatting - Minimalistic Book Cover Design - Interior Book Design - Chapter Heading Illustrations (custom drawn) - Miscellaneous Consults (for experience-related topics) I'm always eager to hear new inquiries outside of this experience to see if there's any way I can help or if there are any editorial peers I can refer authors to! Not sure what you need? I offer free consultations and samples! You're always welcome to reach out and let me know what you're working on and why you're seeking help, then I can take a peek to help you figure out what service will help you most.
  • What age ranges and genres do you work with?
    The majority of my experience is in Young Adult (YA) and Adult in the Fantasy genre, which includes the subgenres contemporary fantasy, magical realism, dystopian, historical fantasy, sci-fi fantasy crossover, paranormal/supernatural fantasy, and high fantasy. However, I have worked on many other genres and crave variety so I don't burn out on one particular thing: - Non-rhyming, fiction and non-fiction picture books - Middle grade (MG) historical fiction - MG dystopian - MG alternate universe fantasy - MG contemporary - MG historical novel-in-verse - YA historical fiction - YA contemporary - YA sci-fi - Adult literary fiction - Adult contemporary - Adult upmarket - Adult romance - Adult mystery, blends include: fantasy, contemporary romance, detective/procedural Alternate forms: - Poetry (singles and collections) - Short fiction (flash and longer form) - Creative non-fiction - genre blends and age crossovers Themes/reps I can personally provide sensitivity for: - LGBTQIA+ - Chronic illness - Mental health - Neurodivergent households I'm always looking to add new genres to my list! However, here are a few things I do not work on: - Most non-fiction (I do like memoir!) - Political fantasy - Sports themes - Christian fiction - Westerns - Erotica (I'm cool with graphic sex in the genres I edit, though!) - Graphic novels - Militant themes/settings
  • What's your current availability?
    (last updated May 13, 2024) Only months labeled "booked" are 100% unavailable. Months with inquiries or anticipated bookings are potentially available, with opportunity offered in the order the inquiries were received. 2024 January - booked February - booked March - booked April - booked May - booked June - booked July - booked August - open September - inquiry in progress October - inquiry in progress November - inquiry in progress December - inquiry in progress Smaller works/services may fit into my schedule sooner. It ultimately depends on the size of the project, your timeline, how soon you want to get started, and what room I have at the time of inquiry. When in doubt, always reach out and ask. Even if my availability doesn't work for you, I'll likely have a trusted editor to recommend.
  • What are your rates?
    I prefer to price according to project since every person has different needs and I offer such a variety of services. But I also understand that people like to have a general ballpark idea, so you can expect my rates will be based on the following: Coaching: $350/month Manuscript critique: $.01/word Developmental/line editing: $.045/word Copy editing: $.03/word Proofreading: $.0175/word Formatting: $1/page for novels (inquire for projects with interior graphic design) First three chapter edit with MS critique hybrid: ($15 x reading hours) + (Ch.1-3 word count x $.045) + ($200 for editor's letter) Other hybrids/combo services are certainly an option! My default payment system is 10% deposit upon signing the contract, 50% of remaining total due at start of service, 50% of remaining total due upon return of notes. I am always happy to discuss payment plans as needed.
  • Do you offer samples?
    Yes! I offer free consultations AND free samples. You're always welcome to reach out and let me know what you're working on and why you're seeking help. Then, I can take a peek to help you figure out what service will help you most, as well as give you a taste of how I edit so you can decide if we're a good match.
  • Am I legally protected?
    Yes! I contract all work under my registered business, Polish & Pitch, LLC. Every author gets the chance to review the contract to ask questions or suggest changes prior to signing. A unique clause that authors may not find in contracts from other editors is my "refund clause." This clause protects your right to raise complaint within 15 days of receiving your notes if the service has somehow failed to meet your expectations, and be given a 75% refund if the claim is found valid. I've never had anyone seek a refund, and I hope I never do! But I care a lot about making sure authors have that power since I've worked for many writers who have previously been burned and lost their entire investment.
  • How do you handle payment?
    I schedule and send invoices to your email via my website provider according to the terms of your contract, which allows you the option to pay with a card or PayPal.
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